In 1972, Richard Buckminster Fuller published the two volumes;  Synergetics and Synergetics 2

The basic premise posited is that the Greeks, the source of most of the mathematics we use today, started from a place which, while it made perfect sense to them, has made our mathematical system needlessly complicated and non-intuitive. Secondary school mathematics serves most of western civilization with the tools required to survive quite nicely and much of it is quickly forgotten unless one pursues a career in the science related fields; Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, etc. Synergetics may give us a better point-of-view.

While it works well enough for 99% of humanity, our current system breaks down at the extremes, the macro and microcosms. At the atomic level and at the galactic levels our set of generalized principles begins to exhibit many contradictions and paradoxes which require layer upon layer of obfuscation and explanation. Stephen W. Hawking, at the conclusion of Brief History of Time wonders why we can’t seem to resolve Quantum Mechanics, operating at the micro level, jwith the Theory of Relativity operating at the macro level.

One of the typical stumbling blocks comes in the form of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle which states that certain pairs of properties, such as position and velocity, of a particle cannot both be predicted with complete accuracy. Hawking even goes on to state, “But, maybe that is our mistake, maybe there are no particles, but only waves. It is just that we try to fit waves to our preconceived ideas of position and velocity. The current mismatch is the cause of the apparent unpredictability.” Fuller states early on that science has never demonstrated a particle and contends that there only waves. Hawking also states that:

“When we combine quantum mechanics with relativity, there seems to be a new possibility that did not arise before; that space and time together might form a finite, four-dimensional space without singularities or boundaries, like the surface of the Earth with more dimensions.” 

I contend Fuller’s Synergetics describes that very space.

Another physicist I know stated that, as of 2003, any physics reference older that 3 years was obsolete. We have theory upon theory to explain different anomalies which we can’t seem to explain. It is reminiscent of the 3 blind men examining the elephant. Each has a different description based on his own point-of-view. Well, imagine a physicist, a biologist and a chemist each explaining the human being. Each specialty has a viewpoint which leads to certain conclusions but none can adequately define the being that can write a song, paint a landscape and express love.

What if we had a common language such that each of us could understand, intuitively all branches of science, music, get the basics of biology, chemistry and physics?

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  4. Dear Don,
    Your cosmic hierarchy makes sense. What is to be done about it is a matter that some believe is part of that natural development and needs no further attention, as such. Perhaps, you hold to what I think, which is, among other things, that the human condition is within its own context inside objective reality. Of course, with technology our perceptions are augmented and we can peer further into the texture of our natural environment. Nonetheless, we are still bound into our conceptual and cognitive field which is unique to us. The wilderness of the universe is inaccessible. We must tend to what we have in our immediate environment, which is a finite resource. Our reluctance to join with life is not simply a matter of individual conviction, but is due, primarily to the current absence of real community. The word community connotes different things among people.
    Every member is supported by all members forming both, economic stability for the group, and formative support for all members’ productive endeavors; culture. Culture is the exchange-value in that type of civilization, which is great for everyone. But, although the way there is under development, among many contributors worldwide, the question remains of time enough to salvage the remaining life support systems available to us?
    The sense of urgency is always more pronounced. That is why viewing the human condition from the perspective of what is relational and structural, demonstrates the most critical challenge, which few people recognize. The systems of control have made most people forget their captivity.
    As soon as the first movement towards decentralized society gets underway it will accelerate its expansion exponentially, because its organization requires the expansion of the decentralization of power. There is an imperative for confederated communities in decentralized society to undo the destructive momentum of convention, and to salvage what is useful.

    The project is in progress. The subsequent manuscript, in progress, will be more comprehensive.

    Yours, Reed

    1. Reed,

      Thank you for the great comment! I’m going to take some time and think this over before I reply. I may have to break it into pieces to keep it manageable.

      We may be on parallel paths.


    2. Reed,

      We are indeed on the same path. We just have slightly different focus. The community I live in in Costa Rica is beautifully situated for decentralization. It comprises probably 1500 people, a mix of Costa Rican and ex-pats, many of whom are ready to get “off the grid” if they’re not off it already. We have a great mix of farmers, professionals, and locals. I am planning to introduce many of these ideas to that community soon as I get back down there.

      Costa Rica appears to have the perfect mix of culture, technology, climate, stable political climate and, the lack of the standing military doesn’t hurt. I believe the political system is a Democratic Republic. It has been called the Switzerland of Latin America! There is an excellent socialized medical system which rates number 4 in the world and the people consistently rate the happiest in the world.

      I believe by applying some of Thomas Greco’s principles of a cashless society, we have the potential to see this network explode throughout the country, perhaps, providing an excellent example of DESO. My focus is Synergetics and exposing as many people as possible to this methodology. We also have a number of young travelers coming through on a regular basis, many of whom I meet are eager for new ideas. Maybe we older geezers can provide something for them.

      Let’s get started!


  5. I just finished reading Fermat’s Last Theorem by Simon Singh. It’s a thoroughly engaging read for the layman that tells stories about the development of mathematics, some of its fundamental foundations and difficulties, as well as the personalities involved.

    It got my creative juices flowing. Highly recommended.

  6. The structure of American national civic organization was an attempt by the founding fathers to establish a union among distinct colonies, each semi-self-sufficient and sovereign. The Iroquois Six Nation Confederation, occupying the Appalachians, was the model employed most for developing the American national documents and government’s organization. (1) The American Federal Government has been taken over by the Federal Reserve System. That was a long struggle (2), but today we are subject to a totalitarian regime of billionaires setting up the world as they want it, to the exclusion of most people who are viewed as assets or liabilities in their quest of for wealth and power.
    * The original plans, the American Constitution, seemed good enough to defend the country’s civic organization from being controlled by private interests. (I will not elaborate what little I understand of American history here.) The central bank, through its corporations, purchased the free press, and later the televised media. The corporations that dominate the vital sectors of the country’s economy, quite literally, write their own legislation. (3)
    * Within convention there are movements that would uphold the Constitution as the means for re-establishing a more responsive government, responsive to the needs of the people. (4) The points of contention between those forces, the oligarchy against the people, may yet be felt. However, the fallacy of Constitutional resurrection is twofold; 1) economic conditions are not what they were (regionalism) and 2) the Constitution was flawed by it’s allowing the government to take loans from private banks.
    * Without elaborating too much, let it be said that the former governmental organization is flawed and ruined by private interests. It no longer defends its citizens. The privatization of all public services marks the end of even a pantomime of democracy.
    * Our proper response is to go back to the original, formative organizational model, mentioned above, and make it function for our best interest, while taking into account the previous attempt to do so, and where it went wrong.
    * In brief, The Native American Confederations were composed of sovereign tribes with sovereign villages wherein resources and production were shared equally – and – they were organized on the basis of clans, village councils, tribal councils, and confederated tribal councils – and – the “clan mothers” were responsible for most of the hiring and firing of the civic positions, which the designated women monitored and supervised.
    * Perhaps, something about that sounds familiar to you, and something about that seems foreign. I say we must use that model to create a contrasting socioeconomic organization, the decentralization of power once and for all, a contrasting, independent civilization, not as a parochial experiment, but as a living movement that will supersede, and dismantle the dangerous mechanisms of mass centrist society. (4)
    * Notes:
    1. Native Americans Six nations:
    2. I don’t know if you have the time to view The Money Masters by Bill Still. It explores the historical struggle of the central bank to dominate society. The Money Masters by Bill Still, parts one and two, is about four hours total. You may allot the time for it, relax, get comfortable, and learn what Mr. Still’s research tells us about the truth of our condition. It is a well made study, important and enriching. Thomas Greco has been recommending it. I think that you will enjoy it. Of course, I’d like to know your thoughts on the matter.
    Also by Bill Still:
    The Secret of Oz – Winner, Best Documentary of 2010, is about two hours:\
    3. Why Poverty – Park Avenue:

    1. I watched the 1st 2 hours of the Money Masters just a few days ago. Well worth the time!

      Your references to the Iroquois 6 Nations was a bit puzzling until I read your article. So far, all of these concepts seem to be readily applicable to our community in Costa Rica. I hope to evolve a development plan, which we may apply there.

      Thanks for the input!

  7. Dear Don,

    * I’m glad you benefited from Bill Still’s work.

    * My objective is building the needed organizational model that will facilitate a peace-based economy and an authentic, face-to-face, democratic society of confederated sovereign communities; peace and prosperity with community support for all members.

    * Of course, anarchy is the vehicle for that eventuality. Anarchy is not without anarchistic organization. Organization is necessary for civilization, which is prerequisite for the full development of humane, human potential.

    * The Six Nations Constitution, not without adjustment, is the best anarchistic organizational format for facilitating expanding, socioeconomic decentralization.

    * The confederation format of decentralized civilization is what I am working on at present. The task of adjusting the here mentioned constitutional structure to the format of modern decentralization is part of my project. The current manuscript in progress may be completed within weeks.

    * Don, look into the monetized organization I wrote, and adjust it to fit the needs of your project (Essay – What is Community at:
    The second level of community monetized organization is in my manuscript at: Xlibris:

    * Don, the civilizational level of decentralization is contingent on the confederation of sovereign communities.

    * You be well Don!

    * Your friend, Reed Kinney

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  9. Dear Don,
    Our mathematical system is inept. Okay. The socioeconomic system is geared to dominate most people in so many ways that even water will become a private industry, if the multinational corporations get their way.
    You be well friend,
    yours, Reed C. Kinney

  10. Dear Don, and friends,
    The international corporations and the central bank have dominated the general psychology of the people. They control the various options people are led to believe are the types of lives available to them. Currently private corporations are competing for the privatization of global water resources by writing national legislation that would allow its corporate ownership. All public services would be corporate owned, water, fire department, police, education, roads, and so on. Then, the only access to those services would be with money. Is that the type of world we want? …An international corporate dictatorship? The multinational corporations are struggling to supplant national governments.
    That horrible prospect is supported by all the alienated folks that have forgotten our history, and its ideals.

    Let’s not be apathetic about this problem.

    Community, real community, is composed of families of people who want the good life for themselves and their children. The community owns the vital sectors of their economy.

    Traditionally, American towns are responsible for and own local government and its government buildings, local education facilities, their water services, sewage disposal, garbage collection and disposal facilities, the city fire department, the city police department, the County Jail, The City and County Road Department, health department, City Park department, and so on. I will add that real community owns its Community Bank (a public service), appropriate industry, manufacturing and agricultural departments, and its clinic, and so on, to meet every sovereign community’s guaranteed minimum standard of service. I will add a different type of community organization, genuine consensus-based dialogical community decision making process.

    Two points to be made are that currently, the multinational corporations are fighting to supplant all public services, and secondly, they are continually writing legislation that would, or so they hope, undermine the movement towards decentralization, of the type I describe, by making even private truck gardens illegal (Monsanto’s project).

    Nonetheless, decentralized economic social organization is the decision of groups of families working-with-each-other-for-each-other through genuine dialogue in order to establish their sovereign community and communities in confederations of communities.

    The threat we face is the emergence of an attempted, global, corporate dictatorship that aims to invade everybody’s privacy, and forcefully condition and “brainwash” all people, so that the people will become the willing, impoverished, slaves (neurotic automatons) of that new world “order”.

    The advent of the contrasting decentralized civilization will generate competition and conflicts between the decentralized and the centralized civilization. The competition will be for people.
    My blog:

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