Distraction Eterna

Central Oscillator
I have taken a sidetrack which has turned into a fascinating addition to the material presented here.

The distraction is called Eterna and came about because of my interest in Genetically Modified Organisms. Here in Costa Rica outfits like Monsanto have stirred up a shitstorm of controversy by genetically modifying organisms and then patenting the genetic coding and charging for its use. The most talked about campaign has been surrounding Round-up Ready seeds. This means that the farmer can buy seeds that yield a plant which is resistant to the chemical herbicide Round-up. In terms of dollars the farmer can spray his entire field for a fraction of what it would cost to hand weed. However, not only may it change the basic chemical structure of the fruit, it encourages the use of Round-up which further encourages the use of ever stronger herbicides. The “down-stream” effects of such chemicals needs a lot more study.

That being said, there is also a tremendous amount of good which will come of this. For the moment, let’s remove a profit motive from this equation. No rush to hit an investment deadline, no need to payback investors. Nothing released without thorough testing. What if we could “see” the gene sequence that “turns on” cancer cells and what if we could “turn it off”, no effect on any other part of the sequence. It is becoming increasingly obvious that we are there.

Now, while going down this Rabbit Hole which is Eterna, I am seeing every principle set out in this, my own work, being confirmed by the very actions of nature. Through my intro to molecular biology I am seeing some very clear comparisons. The nucleotides pair in very predictable ways while allowing for tremendous freedom. No irrational numbers, no Pi, all basic Synergetics at it’s best. Stay tuned!


As the 21st century dawns, we find ourselves on the brink of what may be mankind’s greatest challenge. Can we, as a species, use the tools we have at our disposal to continue to survive, if not thrive?

In the broad spectrum of information we have available, the data can be interpreted in many ways. On one end of the spectrum we can envision shortages leading to conflicts which, if left unresolved, may continue to spread and escalate to a point of no return which could lead to extinction. Another extreme could have us using technology at our disposal in an environmentally responsible manner while providing humanity with wealth and abundance unthinkable at the moment. While there is also an entire range of choices in-between, I can’t help but believe that the extremes presented are the true choice.

In this work I would like to examine the choices available to us in such a way as to enable each of us to understand that there are, indeed, choices and that each of us has the opportunity to participate in our own evolution in a very real and tangible way.

I would like to state at the outset that all of the ideas presented here are the direct result of my having studied the works of Richard Buckminster Fuller over the past 30 years.

We owe him a lot.

Tetrahedron to VE Model

This model represents another of the important concepts underlying Synergetics; the relationship of the various members of the Cosmic Hierarchy.


Here we are showing the relationship between the tetrahedron and the vector equilibrium. As the faces of the tetrahedron collapse (we’ll discuss why in a bit), the stable tetrahedron transforms into the VE. This process occurs continuously in a positive and negative fluctuation which generates all sorts of frequency and wave conditions as we will see. For now we are just investigating the basics.

Keep in mind that the tetrahedron represents the minimum structure in Universe. 4 vertices, 6 edges and 4 faces, an inside and an outside. We will also show in later posts how the tetrahedron is an excellent model for the photon which has been particularly enigmatic in the hands of traditional physicists. It acts like a wave or a particle, very predictably, depending on how you look at it. We can demonstrate why it can act as both and also, in the process give a workable model of quantum mechanics which any 12 yr old high school student with an interest in science may easily grasp.

Vector Equilibrium

Here we have one of the most important figures in Synergetics; the Vector Equilibrium. [FULL AMIMATION]
It’s based on the closest packing of twelve unit radius spheres around a nuclear sphere. The vectors (lines connecting the centers of the spheres} are all of equal length. The figure is not stable and represents a “Zero State,” a phase which is passed through but never paused at. Because of this, this figure is rarely seen in nature.
For now, I just want you to see how this figure is derived because it is the basis of much of what we are doing here.

Double tet (Cube)

Here we have a little closer look at what is a common occurrence in nature. As we have stated previously a cube is inherently unstable. It requires triangulation for stability. From the Syergetic POV what is happening is that 2 tetrahedra tend to combine to form the cube. Once we provide the necessary triangulation with the two tetrahedra the external vertices form the cube.
If we consider the edges of the tetrahedron as unit length (2), then the edge of the cube becomes the square root of 2, an irrational number!

Now consider this; all of the geometric shapes you have seen here are related to each other by simple integer multiples, except the cube. The cube is related to the other figures through an irrational number. And, here’s the point; our entire system of mensuration is based on that single unit, square edge, x,y,z coordinate system. So every time we do any measuring of virtually any physical quantity we require compromises like “rounding off” which leave miniscule left over amounts unaccounted for. How does a soap-bubble round off and what does it do with the leftover?

Next we’ll see why a 60 degree, 4 dimensional system can help us avoid some major pitfalls.

Platonic Solids

In this series I would like to show the different manifestations of the Platonic Solids in relation to the Vector Equilibrium (in yellow). The octahedron is red and the cube is green. As we develop this, I hope it will become more clear how these shapes relate to one another. At the same time we will to attempt to tie this geometry into the larger space of Sacred Geometry.

Vector Equilibrium

The Root of it All

The image above represents one of the most basic concepts in Synergetics.

We are looking at the vectors connecting the 12 spheres surrounding a 13th nuclear sphere. This figure rarely appears in nature as it is representative of a “zero point” that is passed through from minus to plus extremes.This concept is so basic that I will be showing a series of different ways of looking at this figure and also how it appears as it rotates around different axes.

Double tetrahedra

In this series we will be focusing on the Platonic Solids. There are 5 Platonic Solids; the tetrahedron, octohedron, cube, icosahedron nd the dodedecahedron. They have the following characteristics; all faces are equialteral, all faces have the same number of sides, all of the vertices formed by the intersection of the edges lie on a sphere. We do have some quibbling to do here with definitions; What is a cube?, For that matter what is a  line or a sphere? We will argue those points later if anyone feels it necessary. For now we are just going to model each of the Platonic Solids within a sphere showing, perhaps, some relative motions associated.


Here is my interpretation of what the inside of the nucleus works like. Think of it as a schematic; like one of those 3 dimensional models of a jet engine. Only keep in mind that we are using 4 Dimensions here, whether that is apparent or not. We know from science that the best guess we now have at what the electrom cloud looks like is basically toroidal, with pressure from the aether pushing into and through the lower pressured nucleus. In this view we are looking from inside the electrom cloud toward the nucleus, a major component of which is the octohedral shape which we will detail elsewhere.


I hope you have the patience to download the [FULL ANIMATION].

If you are on a slower connection it may appear jerky until all of the images have downloaded. As long as the images are changing, they are still not completely downloaded. If you do drugs you may want to have a friend watch it first.

What we are looking at here is my initial introduction to a new form of modeling and model building. Based on Buckminster Fuller’s Synergetics, I am developing a way to model some of the more difficult images to envision in modern physics. In the future I hope to expand greatly on this model and to, perhaps, receive feedback on the concepts presented.

What you are seeing here is the Synergetic Model of what the nucleus of an atom looks like. We aren’t going to bother with “what atom?” or atomic weight just a generic proton (nucleus) and electron combination. We will produce several variations on this theme and see if any of them coincide with other scientific, philosophical, or theological views.

The Puzzle is no longer a Puzzle

It all makes sense. All the questions that physicists, scientists, naturopathic medicine practitioners, various spiritual communities and even secret government agencies from around the world have pondered, some for centuries, but could not prove using traditional physics and mathematics, are revealed in the pages of this Blog. I was finally able to create models for the theories relating to “Synergetics”; how the universe works … so that everyone could see for themselves.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not taking credit here for the long list of physicists, scientists, theorists and many others who have spent many countless hours, years and lifetimes working on this puzzle. I am also not taking credit for all the work others have done to research and collect the information generated by these various people and put much of it in book form. But as far as I can tell, no one has been able to take Buckminster Fuller’s written volumes and set them out in a clear understandable format with quality diagrams let alone moving visual models.

I feel that after over 40 years of trying to understand and then solve this puzzle of the universe and share this with others, I have finally come to this point where I feel that I found a way, through my models, to allow even the ordinary lay person and school children to understand the workings of our world and everything in it using Synergetics Principles.

I am looking forward to sharing this over the next few weeks and months and would like to talk to a few prominent people as well as any others like myself who have also been working on this puzzle.

The Beginning

So here we are in Costa Rica developing what hopes to be a new community. A place where people with an interest in community, sustainability and self-development can come together in, perhaps, one of the last relatively unspoiled places on the planet. Permaculture is preeminent here. We are the barbarians outside the walls of civilization. Building a culture on shared effort and reward where all contribute what they can and learn how if they can’t. Investing in the human aspects rather than the institutions. Check it out.


One of the things we must grapple with in the work is the following: What is a dimension? When we refer to 3-dimensional space what are we talking about, exactly?
Most of us learned that 3-dimensional space was described by the 3 dimensions we have arbitrarily named the X, Y and Z coordinates. 3 axes at 90° to each other, a rectilinear, all-space filling geometry based on the square and cube. This is what we cal Cartesian Coordinates. This idea is so firmly implanted that many people, even mathematicians, can have a lot of difficulty imagining anything different. All of our computer systems, building systems and mathematical methods are based on the concept of 3 dimensions. So, first of all I would like to show you a model of an alternative system of dimensions.

60 Degree Coordinate Model

The image at the right shows us a representation of a 4-dimensional space with the red, green, yellow and blue lines giving us a new way to look at the space we perceive around us. Now, just as with the cubic 3 dimensional system, we are showing a minimum central unit (the tetrahedron) with the 4 dimensions represented as lines passing through the midpoint of each edge of that unit. This is rather arbitrary but corresponds well with the representation we usually use for the Cartesian coordinates. For now, just consider that this system of Synergetic Coordinates is a possibility.

Entropy and Consciousness

One of the generalized principles of the Universe is that it is entropic. This means that matter and energy are always going toward greater chaos. If you leave an object, say a tea-cup, sit for long enough it will, at some point, start to break down. It will break into ever smaller pieces, effects like erosion will continue to break it into dust. This occurs universally. Grains of sand never self-assemble into teacups. Molecules don’t come together to form clay and bake themselves into the shape of a teacup. So where does the teacup come from? Where does a tree or a rock come from?

Our contention here is that consciousness is the source of anti-entropy or, syntropy. Entropy is the progression toward ever-increasing chaos while syntropy is the opposite; the assembling of chaos into higher levels of organization. It seems rather obvious that that teacup is the product of consciousness. In point of fact all objects, all organized systems, are always and only the manifestation of an idea assembled by consciousness. Science is now realizing that consciousness is not a product of the physical world. I was taught that the Universe started with a “Big Bang” which distributed myriad particles throughout space and that these particles attracted each other and collected into globules and clusters that somehow assembled into elements and molecules and formed matter and then somewhere in this process, cells formed and organized into cellular systems and biological entities and then somewhere in there consciousness was born. Does this make any sense? In a Universe where entropy is the rule where does a teacup come from?

Without going into detail let’s see if consciousness creating matter makes sense. If we choose to believe that this is so; that at a very fundamental level, consciousness is the spark which initiates the basic assembly of something into the most elemental of particles, that this is the driving force which initiates matter, we can see if the concept holds up. We can see that without consciousness there is no syntropy and for argument’s sake we’ll simply state, as do many religions, that all objects have consciousness. A rock, a tree, a grain of sand an animal. Any example of syntropy has consciousness behind it. We are not making something out of nothing, merely assembling energy events into groups or holons which in turn break apart and reassemble into ever more complex combinations of atoms, molecules, amino acids, cells, cell systems, organs, organ systems and organizations.

A Glimpse

Here is our Glass Bead Game:

In 1943 Herman Hesse published a book entitled “Der Glasperlenspiel” for which he later received the Nobel Peace Prize. In it, he envisaged a society where the best and the brightest were encouraged to become practitioners of “The Glass Bead Game”, a system of notation similar to musical notation which any practitioner could use to explain any concept. It functioned much as mathematics does for science except that mathematics has a few flaws which prevent even the most avid devotees from always attaining competency.

I first read this book about 45 years ago and it left an indelible mark on me that I didn’t even consider until I realized, after re-reading the book 25 years later, that I have been looking for this fictional Glass Bead Game for all of that time. I was born a model builder, I think. I have done it all my life and I realized that the Universe itself hasn’t been modelled in any satisfactory fashion as near as we can tell. And yet, so many of us are striving for this very understanding. Isn’t this what humankind has always done? Sought answers? In an interview I can’t recall the source of, an Ultra-orthodox rabbi was asked if he thought his religion conflicted with his work in genetic engineering. As best as I can recall his answer was something like, “If God didn’t want me to figure it out he wouldn’t have put it in front of me. He knows me.” Good answer!


I was heavily involved in VRML back before the turn-of-the-century. We attended SIGGRAPH in LA, New Orleans and New York. We manned a booth at the LA SIGGRAPH. That’s how I found out that my last several years work had been stolen by SGI Cosmo, a major player in three-dimensional computer graphics.

But around the year 2000, I decided that three-dimensional computer graphics was just not developed enough to maintain my interest. Almost 20 years ago. I’ve been involved in computer graphics since but not actual three-dimensional worlds.

I had seen Second Life© early in 2000 and thought it was pretty good but I wasn’t really impressed. Especially since all the avatars look like twentysomethings with cool hair and perfect bodies. I wanted somewhere where I could look like me. Well, now I’m impressed!

Several months ago I was introduced to SketchUp, the free Google program for three dimensional graphics and I loved it! For not so obvious reasons, it was one of the first 3D programs where I could work comfortably with the 60° coordinate system advocated by Bucky Fuller. Additionally, the possibility of having several people accessing the same workplace and be able to communicate in a virtual environment is especially appealing. This led me to Second Life.

I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to export the models I had done in SketchUp into Second Life?” On further investigation I found several sites with instructions on how to do just that. The real kicker though is that it may be easier and faster to do directly in Second Life! It’s a balance between complexity in the virtual environment and mobility restricted by bandwidth.

I am using a Dell XLS 18 with the Intel HD 4000 video that appears to be working fine. The detail I’m able to get far surpasses anything I could’ve imagined… No, let me take that back. It is exactly what I imagined! The ability to interact with the environment and other avatars in real time with very high level of realism.

Of course, my first task was to see if I could create an avatar that looks like me. I’ll let you be the judge. The amount of control I have over my appearance is amazing. The facial expression, the gestures and the ability, as the owner, to change the environment.

I find it also quite therapeutic to be able to have my avatar get out on the dance floor and dance like I never could in real life. It provides a level of social interaction I just don’t have any more. I don’t want to go out to eat with people, I don’t want to travel with anyone unless it’s absolutely essential. Too many things can go wrong and there is very little upside. I’m not looking for girlfriend.

So now I need to tie consciousnesscreatesmatter.com with tetraplegiacr.com and Second Life© and see if we can’t get something interesting going.

Coming soon!

Bucky in 1983

I was working in three-dimensional computer graphics while we were still defining it. I was heavily involved in VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) and I remember seeing a diagram that showed which three-dimensional language would most likely be chosen by the web Consortium.

Second Life © was way out in front with VRML a distant second. The fact that Second Life was backed by outfits like Time Warner made me think that VRML didn’t have a chance. That, and the fact that I had just learned from Mark Pesce (creator of VRML) that making VRML multiuser was not feasible. The final blow was when I went out to LA for SIGGRAPH and looked up and saw my VRML world up on the Jumbotron with all of the names, labels and credits removed! My entire work had been stolen by an outfit called SGI Cosmo which I hope has gone under by now.

Anyway, it was at that point that I decided to give up on computers in general and 3D in particular. Oh, I’ve always had a computer around but I was down to an Acer laptop basically just for checking email, Facebook etc. that was about the year 2000.

I’ve always been a model builder, it’s what I do. I’ve always wanted to build a model of the universe, especially after reading all of Bucky Fuller’s work but, the tools just weren’t available. I mean, they were available if you had several thousand dollars to shell out. I finally settled on using POV-Ray, a textbased modeling program that I have used a lot for illustrations in this blog. The problem with it is that I never could manage to find an easy way to do the 60° coordinate system that Fuller advocates and nature uses. Doing it all in text just required too many calculations. Well, I think I have found the solution!

SketchUp Make is a free program which I have been using to build the model I’m calling Bucky’s World. There’s also a SketchUp Viewer for users who don’t want to download the entire 3D program or who want to be able to view the models  on mobile units. The more I use it the easier it gets for me to do some of the more repetitive items. It has an excellent suite of tools and available models and is nicely customizable for whatever kind of work you’re doing.

I’ll be updating regularly and will keep you apprised of progress.

Life (Redux)

I have recently discovered  a new tool for modeling.

After many years of seeking an easy way to translate between 90° Cartesian coordinates and 60° coordinates of nature, Google has made available SketchUp a free, three-dimensional modeling package that is really quite good. I used 3D studio Max for many years and switched to POV-Ray for reasonable results without having to pay thousands of dollars for licensing.

While SketchUp has a Pro version, I find the free version more than adequate. That being said, I will probably upgrade to Pro take full advantage.

SketchUp 2017 is available for free download. I used it to develop the above models in a relatively short time. The ability to translate an object in a very intuitive fashion makes conversion to 60° coordinates relatively simple. As you can see, I have only begun to scratch the surface and I find that the use of “components”, which then can be used within other components, a wonderful tool.

SketchUp is also available as a viewer. Let me know if there’s any interest in having my models available.

I see some excellent opportunities for educational models. I hope to stay very active in this as I see it as a great opportunity to finally model some of the key concepts that Fuller puts before us.

A Dymaxion World

June 2, 2016

Not having had any weed for roughly 2 months we just shared a joint and did it ever work! You see, I’ve also been getting off a highly addictive painkiller called Lyrica and it’s a real freaking hassle. I get these waves of anxiety and depression and pain. But it’s all in the neurotransmitters. I can’t see it. Nobody can look at it or realize that it’s there; it doesn’t even really hurt that much. It’s just very, very distracting. I wind up having virtually no desire do much of anything and yet I’m constantly complaining about having nothing to do. I’ve got to break this cycle now!.

Oh, by the way, both marijuana and Lyrica claim to be analgesic, antidepressants (in my case demonstrably so in both cases) but unlike the Lyrica the marijuana is not highly addictive. When I quit it several months ago I had no anxiety; maybe one or two nights of troubles getting to sleep till my body adjusted. The Lyrica on the other hand I have cut down the dosage by 50% have been staying on this for the last two months and every day just seems to get worse and worse. I have sleeplessness, strange dreams, anxiety, depression and pain in waves. I’m also noting a significant loss of mobility; things that I’ve been able to do all along I seem to be having trouble with including getting up in the morning. I really should make the choice here; do I go back on the Lyrica to get rid of the anxiety and pain or do I go back to the pot with the same affect but natural ingredients and nonaddictive? I just don’t know if the marijuana by itself will be adequate for the pain, I know it works for the anxiety and depression though. But I would like to try it first. I have to talk to Betsy about this. Or, Do I just tough it out? I think the agony is in the waiting; everything moves so slowly here.

So no more excuses; I must get started on something to occupy my time or I’m going to go out of my mind. So what better time than for me to start working on this model/game?

So here I am about halfway through Lee Smolin’s, The Life of the Cosmos and he is discussing self-organizing patterns in the universe; from the galactic clusters to the subatomic particle. Think fractal, think scale, patterns that reappear and interact. He’s come to the point where he proposes that these patterns and expressions are what it may really be all about. He appears to be having a problem with certain aspects of what we perceive as reality not being validated with these underlying patterns.

To me this brings together an absolutely amazing… how shall I say it; overlay of patterns.

So, what if we take what Smolin is saying but, instead of using the three-dimensional system he’s “imagining” in and working with, we use Fuller’s four dimensional system as our gameboard. Keep in mind that with the Dymaxion gameboard the flat surface of the board actually represents three dimension with the fourth dimension being perpendicular to the surface. Is it possible that being able to lay out your parameters on a flat, three-dimensional surface, might make it much easier to see what that fourth dimension needs to be. Maybe even so strange as X, Y, Z, or Yellow. For Smolin does recognize gaming as an important part of self organization. So using this new system with my gameboard, and a certain set of rules, can we generate spiral galaxies? Can we create algorithms that mimic biological systems? Keeping in mind we have an extra dimension to play with while tweaking our parameters.

I have to put the following into some type of priority order:

⦁ Gameboard

Prototype gameboard
Prototype gameboard







⦁ IVM model


⦁ POV-Ray
⦁ Graphics
⦁ Mathematics?
⦁ Life Rules
⦁ Relative Scales
⦁ Parameter Controls

For right now I’m going to continue with Smolin and come back to this list periodically and update it regularly.

If anybody has any interest in this email me at donmcybertect@Gmail.com

On Wobbly Legs

I am back in my WordPress editor for the first time in several years. Except for a brief peek in to change some odds and ends. But now I’ve got to get serious!

The good news is I already have a significant amount of material here. It just needs to be organized. I want to make it navigable by anyone. There are different places to start depending on your interests or areas of specialty. We don’t know what will connect but I suspect we will recognize it even as we watch it develop. And yes, it is probably right there before our eyes.

I will be doing some more investigating and development on the site so check in periodically.

The First Crack

My God! I feel like I’m cracking out of a shell!

I have been without any measurable Internet bandwidth for the last three months. I suspected that the local Costa Rican monopoly ICE was capping the use of their so-called “unlimited” high-speed Internet access. After twice denying it, they finally admitted that; if you went over 3 GB you wouldn’t have as much bandwidth but, they still denied that it was “capping.” Go figure!

Anyway my physical location here in Costa Rica is in a “hole”, electromagnetically speaking.

I’ve been waiting to try this new outfit here in Costa Rica called Movistar. They were claiming to give 10 times the speed. Well, they do, which means I now have a remarkable 200 Kbps which is just about 10 times the 15 Kbps I was getting with cabletica. Nothing like the Meg I was used to working with, but it keeps me workable. The problems arise when you’re trying to edit a blog with a spotty, extremely low bandwidth Internet connection. Things become impossible. I couldn’t even listen to the radio without buffering; edit a website? No way!

I know this is probably going to take a while to straighten out but, it looks like I might be able to do it after all. I’ve had a lot of insights these past few months and number of things have changed in my life; some worth sharing some not. I plan to try to put up some regular posts to see what areas I would like to pursue.

My new connection with the EPGSIG and with Mark Siegmund and his blog Tet-World (both on Facebook) is promising a bunch of insights from the direction of Buckminster Fuller as well as from Hesse’s The Glass Bead Game; a nice convergence with my own areas of interest.

So, excuse me while I rummage around in here; it appears rather like a musty attic and could use some heavy duty cleaning up.

Let’s see, where shall I start?

Consciousness Creating Matter

I have found this statement seems to cause a lot of problems. It is proving to be an impediment to opening up to some of the ideas that I am putting forth here. Let me see if I can help explain this a bit.

The teaching that I’ve gotten basically puts forth the idea that there was a Big Bang. Shortly thereafter the universe rapidly expanded and comprised a mist of energy particles which, when allowed to cool down, coalesced into heavier elements, atoms, molecules, basic enzymes, cells, etc. Somewhere in this, apparently random, coalescing of particles, consciousness popped up or was injected into this. I’ve always had a lot of trouble with this concept. After looking around for answers to this dilemma I finally found one in an unusual place.

During the 70s there were a lot of New Age authors and I did my share of exploring this realm. I realized that many of the people writing at the time were referencing Jane Roberts and Seth, a channeler and a spirit being. Now, while I didn’t put a whole lot of faith, if you will, in such things, I couldn’t deny that what Seth was saying was quite consistent and really did help to explain much of what I could not. I’ll try to boil it down as best I can.

Seth says we choose to come into this existence from a “higher plane.” It’s a plane which we can’t comprehend and have no memory of, but from this plane we choose to come into this physical existence to learn; to learn what it is to be rich and to be poor, to be a Nazi and a Jew, to experience love, hate, pain and joy. So imagine each individual as the fingers of a hand; each finger appears independent and yet it is connected to a greater whole.

This physical reality in which we appear to exist is a simple set of rules; beautifully consistent, perfectly logical and readily demonstrable throughout our known universe. How we interpret that is another question. Just as our ancestors looked up at the stars and interpreted them in ways that seem alien to us now with our far greater knowledge; so our scientists of future generation will look back at our interpretation of science and, perhaps, wonder what we were thinking. Either way, physical reality will remain unchanged.

Science now knows that every atom appears as a particle in very high-speed motion, vibrating close to the speed of light and never coming to rest. Again, the so-called particles agglomerate into atoms, molecules, etc. and what we see are these collections. Now the only way that we have any interaction at all with these particles is through our senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling, and further processing them through our bodies into our brains, into what we will call our mind or consciousness.

After we die what remains of our existence is what we will term the soul. This is the never-ending part of ourselves, the part we inhabit in this higher plane. It retains the experiences we gather in this physical lifetime, and though it appears take place over time, the entire thing takes place in the same instant.

Now, none of this is provable or readily demonstrable and yet stands up to the rigors of our scientific method and helps to explain many of the anomalies so prevalent in other cosmologies.

I would invite any challenges,  or better yet  give me an explanation  that works better  and I’ll accept  it .

Good News or bad News?

So, I heard on NPR the other night about a Doctor who is trying to use all the medical and health data available and mapping it with such things as proximity to pesticide, use and abuse of various drugs, proximity to various chemical plants and industries. He’s already beginning to see some very interesting patterns. As when a pharmaceutical company changes the composition of one of its drugs. This may correlate to significantly more or fewer deaths in areas with its use. By cross-referencing with other drugs and/or remedies the results may prove significant. Wonder how long he’ll last?

Another interesting medical tidbit came up when a doctor started looking into “spontaneous remission”, many thousand examples of which go uninvestigated. So, if a patient has gotten off the chemo and radiation and uses herbal supplements and dietary changes and changes of lifestyle and the cancer goes away, the medical profession doesn’t bother to look at it! Well, finally a doctor has! She’s finding many characteristics which seem to be at the core of many of these remissions. Again, an analysis of patterns.

As we develop and use these new technologies, and ways of collating data, we are beginning to see patterns that many of us suspected have been true for a long time. The ones mentioned above are directly involved with the medical field but, I suspect we’re going to see more and more of these patterns emerging. What I’m trying to do is to give us a way to look at these patterns in a different light. A more intuitive way to see our Universe.


While I was laying in the shower with my feet against the wall, paralyzed from the neck down, one thought really kept me going. I knew that the technology existed to keep me going as long as my head wasn’t paralyzed. Stephen W Hawking became my inspiration! The tragedy is that the VA apparently doesn’t understand that simple fact. It took me eight months to get connected to the Internet and that only happened because a friend helped me out, even though I was in a “Spinal Cord Injury/Rehab” facility.

How many other vets, or underinsured non-vets, are lying in hospital beds, or at home, trying to communicate when simple technology exists to turn any yes or no answer into a doorway to the outside world?

Pass this along to any friends you might know who are in this position.