Ken Wilber

About the time I realized what I was doing with my life i.e. building a model of the Universe, I started to consider how I might tie the fields of psychology and philosophy into this framework. In researching these fields I was fortunate enough to run across the work of Ken Wilber. The shear breadth of his work is staggering and with his focus on holons and meme theory I could immediately see the tie-in to Synergetics. At last reading Wilber didn’t believe that consciousness creates matter but, as every other detail ties in so nicely it may become more apparent the further we look.

One of Wilber’s contributions comes via Arthur Koestler who introduced the concept of holons. These are whole entities which are in turn parts of other wholes much as an atom is part of a molecule. The atom can exist by itself as a particle or it can combine with other atoms to become a molecule i.e. aan oxygen and two hydrogen atoms may combine to form a water molecule, a simple example of a synergetic combination. It quickly becomes apparent that everything is a holon from the micro to the macro, layer upon layer. It also turns out that it is much easier to model these very layers in a 60 deg coordinate based format reflecting the closest packing of spheres which underlies all of this work.

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