Basic Principles


In the course of evolution humankind has passed through several “paradigm shifts”, periods of massive change usually accompanied by extreme social turmoil, sometimes leading into long periods of intellectual light or darkness. The final outcome of any given shift has never been known and so we keep cycling through these ups and downs. Cycles of this duration (sometime thousands of years) have only been realized in the last hundred years or so. One of these cycles started with the ancient Greeks. Conditions existed where the best and the brightest were encouraged to communicate their ideas to others. The ideas spawned in the environment gave framework and inspiration to generations of artists, poets and scientists whose ideas still develop and grow today.

But, what if some of those ideas were not quite right? What if some of the very basic axioms we were given were based on a concept “believed” to be true but not demonstrably true? This is in no way intended to propose that we discard these ideas. Indeed, they have gotten us to where we are at this moment, right or wrong. But, is it possible that the very basic concepts are flawed? Fuller contends they are and not only shows how and why but offers an alternative which is more understandable and intuitive.

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