What is a Dimension?

When we think of dimensions several concepts may come to mind. A dimension can be defined as the units we use in mensuration; inches, feet, cubits or it can refer to the 3 dimensions of the Cartesian Coordinate system we use to describe our environment. Our “space” if you will. We have been taught that a point has 0 dimensions. It is only a place holder indicating a position as described by X, Y and Z coordinates. A line is a supposed to be a one-dimensional object, a single indication of direction (length) extending to infinity. Area is said to be 2 dimensions (length and width) with only one side and no depth. Finally, volume is represented by 3 dimensions (length, width and height). Have you ever tried, as I have, to imagine a one or two-dimensional object? I have spent many hours trying to grasp these concepts and realized that, of course, they can’t actually exist. Oh, we can attempt to show a dot on the chalk board and call that a point but, upon closer examination we see the it does have a width and length and even depth. The line can’t have no width. and the area must have 2 sides so they exist only as concepts and not in nature. 


It is easily demonstrable that the minimum structure found in Universe is the tetrahedron. It is the minimum structure, one with inside and outside. And, unlike the cube, it is stable with no additional triangulation required.

Our contention here is that Universe exists solely as the agglomeration of energy events which are in turn only actions, reactions or resultants combining in myriad interactions according to the generalized principles we as humans can only discover and put to use to further our own evolution.



2 thoughts on “What is a Dimension?

  1. Exactly what I was thinking of!
    And i will add something that a perfect sphere doesnot exist.
    Zer0 and zero containg digits should be removed from the number system as soon as possible.
    Pythagorian theorem should be implemented in terms of volumes as well.
    Newton Laws should viewed as tetrahedral interactions or atleast triangular.

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