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Life (Redux)

I have recently discovered  a new tool for modeling.

After many years of seeking an easy way to translate between 90° Cartesian coordinates and 60° coordinates of nature, Google has made available SketchUp a free, three-dimensional modeling package that is really quite good. I used 3D studio Max for many years and switched to POV-Ray for reasonable results without having to pay thousands of dollars for licensing.

While SketchUp has a Pro version, I find the free version more than adequate. That being said, I will probably upgrade to Pro take full advantage.

SketchUp 2017 is available for free download. I used it to develop the above models in a relatively short time. The ability to translate an object in a very intuitive fashion makes conversion to 60° coordinates relatively simple. As you can see, I have only begun to scratch the surface and I find that the use of “components”, which then can be used within other components, a wonderful tool.

SketchUp is also available as a viewer. Let me know if there’s any interest in having my models available.

I see some excellent opportunities for educational models. I hope to stay very active in this as I see it as a great opportunity to finally model some of the key concepts that Fuller puts before us.

A Dymaxion World

June 2, 2016

Not having had any weed for roughly 2 months we just shared a joint and did it ever work! You see, I’ve also been getting off a highly addictive painkiller called Lyrica and it’s a real freaking hassle. I get these waves of anxiety and depression and pain. But it’s all in the neurotransmitters. I can’t see it. Nobody can look at it or realize that it’s there; it doesn’t even really hurt that much. It’s just very, very distracting. I wind up having virtually no desire do much of anything and yet I’m constantly complaining about having nothing to do. I’ve got to break this cycle now!.

Oh, by the way, both marijuana and Lyrica claim to be analgesic, antidepressants (in my case demonstrably so in both cases) but unlike the Lyrica the marijuana is not highly addictive. When I quit it several months ago I had no anxiety; maybe one or two nights of troubles getting to sleep till my body adjusted. The Lyrica on the other hand I have cut down the dosage by 50% have been staying on this for the last two months and every day just seems to get worse and worse. I have sleeplessness, strange dreams, anxiety, depression and pain in waves. I’m also noting a significant loss of mobility; things that I’ve been able to do all along I seem to be having trouble with including getting up in the morning. I really should make the choice here; do I go back on the Lyrica to get rid of the anxiety and pain or do I go back to the pot with the same affect but natural ingredients and nonaddictive? I just don’t know if the marijuana by itself will be adequate for the pain, I know it works for the anxiety and depression though. But I would like to try it first. I have to talk to Betsy about this. Or, Do I just tough it out? I think the agony is in the waiting; everything moves so slowly here.

So no more excuses; I must get started on something to occupy my time or I’m going to go out of my mind. So what better time than for me to start working on this model/game?

So here I am about halfway through Lee Smolin’s, The Life of the Cosmos and he is discussing self-organizing patterns in the universe; from the galactic clusters to the subatomic particle. Think fractal, think scale, patterns that reappear and interact. He’s come to the point where he proposes that these patterns and expressions are what it may really be all about. He appears to be having a problem with certain aspects of what we perceive as reality not being validated with these underlying patterns.

To me this brings together an absolutely amazing… how shall I say it; overlay of patterns.

So, what if we take what Smolin is saying but, instead of using the three-dimensional system he’s “imagining” in and working with, we use Fuller’s four dimensional system as our gameboard. Keep in mind that with the Dymaxion gameboard the flat surface of the board actually represents three dimension with the fourth dimension being perpendicular to the surface. Is it possible that being able to lay out your parameters on a flat, three-dimensional surface, might make it much easier to see what that fourth dimension needs to be. Maybe even so strange as X, Y, Z, or Yellow. For Smolin does recognize gaming as an important part of self organization. So using this new system with my gameboard, and a certain set of rules, can we generate spiral galaxies? Can we create algorithms that mimic biological systems? Keeping in mind we have an extra dimension to play with while tweaking our parameters.

I have to put the following into some type of priority order:

⦁ Gameboard

Prototype gameboard
Prototype gameboard







⦁ IVM model


⦁ POV-Ray
⦁ Graphics
⦁ Mathematics?
⦁ Life Rules
⦁ Relative Scales
⦁ Parameter Controls

For right now I’m going to continue with Smolin and come back to this list periodically and update it regularly.

If anybody has any interest in this email me at

On Wobbly Legs

I am back in my WordPress editor for the first time in several years. Except for a brief peek in to change some odds and ends. But now I’ve got to get serious!

The good news is I already have a significant amount of material here. It just needs to be organized. I want to make it navigable by anyone. There are different places to start depending on your interests or areas of specialty. We don’t know what will connect but I suspect we will recognize it even as we watch it develop. And yes, it is probably right there before our eyes.

I will be doing some more investigating and development on the site so check in periodically.

The First Crack

My God! I feel like I’m cracking out of a shell!

I have been without any measurable Internet bandwidth for the last three months. I suspected that the local Costa Rican monopoly ICE was capping the use of their so-called “unlimited” high-speed Internet access. After twice denying it, they finally admitted that; if you went over 3 GB you wouldn’t have as much bandwidth but, they still denied that it was “capping.” Go figure!

Anyway my physical location here in Costa Rica is in a “hole”, electromagnetically speaking.

I’ve been waiting to try this new outfit here in Costa Rica called Movistar. They were claiming to give 10 times the speed. Well, they do, which means I now have a remarkable 200 Kbps which is just about 10 times the 15 Kbps I was getting with cabletica. Nothing like the Meg I was used to working with, but it keeps me workable. The problems arise when you’re trying to edit a blog with a spotty, extremely low bandwidth Internet connection. Things become impossible. I couldn’t even listen to the radio without buffering; edit a website? No way!

I know this is probably going to take a while to straighten out but, it looks like I might be able to do it after all. I’ve had a lot of insights these past few months and number of things have changed in my life; some worth sharing some not. I plan to try to put up some regular posts to see what areas I would like to pursue.

My new connection with the EPGSIG and with Mark Siegmund and his blog Tet-World (both on Facebook) is promising a bunch of insights from the direction of Buckminster Fuller as well as from Hesse’s The Glass Bead Game; a nice convergence with my own areas of interest.

So, excuse me while I rummage around in here; it appears rather like a musty attic and could use some heavy duty cleaning up.

Let’s see, where shall I start?

Good News or bad News?

So, I heard on NPR the other night about a Doctor who is trying to use all the medical and health data available and mapping it with such things as proximity to pesticide, use and abuse of various drugs, proximity to various chemical plants and industries. He’s already beginning to see some very interesting patterns. As when a pharmaceutical company changes the composition of one of its drugs. This may correlate to significantly more or fewer deaths in areas with its use. By cross-referencing with other drugs and/or remedies the results may prove significant. Wonder how long he’ll last?

Another interesting medical tidbit came up when a doctor started looking into “spontaneous remission”, many thousand examples of which go uninvestigated. So, if a patient has gotten off the chemo and radiation and uses herbal supplements and dietary changes and changes of lifestyle and the cancer goes away, the medical profession doesn’t bother to look at it! Well, finally a doctor has! She’s finding many characteristics which seem to be at the core of many of these remissions. Again, an analysis of patterns.

As we develop and use these new technologies, and ways of collating data, we are beginning to see patterns that many of us suspected have been true for a long time. The ones mentioned above are directly involved with the medical field but, I suspect we’re going to see more and more of these patterns emerging. What I’m trying to do is to give us a way to look at these patterns in a different light. A more intuitive way to see our Universe.


While I was laying in the shower with my feet against the wall, paralyzed from the neck down, one thought really kept me going. I knew that the technology existed to keep me going as long as my head wasn’t paralyzed. Stephen W Hawking became my inspiration! The tragedy is that the VA apparently doesn’t understand that simple fact. It took me eight months to get connected to the Internet and that only happened because a friend helped me out, even though I was in a “Spinal Cord Injury/Rehab” facility.

How many other vets, or underinsured non-vets, are lying in hospital beds, or at home, trying to communicate when simple technology exists to turn any yes or no answer into a doorway to the outside world?

Pass this along to any friends you might know who are in this position.

Angry rant-continued

So, here we go again!

Remember the appointment I have with the neurologist? The one I’ve been waiting for, for a year? Well, I decided to call this morning, the morning before the day of the appointment, to check that arrangements for transportation had been made. Now, keep in mind the process for the last four or five visits has been; that the department making the appointment would arrange with transportation to have me picked up. But now, since I am part of the Home-Based Healthcare System, when they make an appointment they don’t have anything to do with transportation and I appear to be on my own. By the way, did I mention that I’m not going to be able make arrangements to make it to the appointment? Of course, with the VA in Buffalo I was told to call 24 hours beforehand because that’s when the schedules were made. And, I also just found out that there are two separate transportation areas within VA one dealing with wheelchair based vans and another for non-wheelchairs which requires explaining the story twice. Apparently, both transportation centers are completely booked up for tomorrow. I’m about to give up on VA or, is that what they want?

What can this be like for a vet returning from Iraq or Afghanistan with PTSD and without the support system that I have from friends and family? You got us into this Mr. Bush and now you, Cheney, and the gang, have left behind a huge mess and, rather than contribute to the cleanup, you’re bitching about how the other guy is doing it and cheering on the tea baggers as they do everything they can to prevent Obama from getting any successes, including blocking of funding.

Now, there’s integrity for ya!


Talk about up-and-down! Spent the last few days trying to get caught up on miscellaneous nonsense. On the upside, I finally got the accounting taken care of between the kids and me, I think. At least we’re making progress.

On the downside, I talked to Mike at PVA today. You know, the guy who told me 4 months ago that his organization’s request for my discharge papers wasn’t anything to worry about. I explained to him that I had gotten a letter from them saying they could not find any record of my DD-214. Great! So now my claim has been denied. So now I have to fill out some more paperwork to see if they can find that a paperwork! This is getting tiring.

We still haven’t gotten Adrian’s money and we still don’t know where to send the paperwork to correct the fact that the occupational therapist accidentally put down 53 inches instead of 48 inches for the size my wheelchair in the Paratransit application. Application denied! Does it ever end?

Did I mention I still don’t have an appointment with a neurologist? I haven’t talked to one in a year… Spinal cord injury… Go figure.


So here I am at 2 o’clock in the afternoon sitting in bed waiting to get transferred to the chair, to get back into bed 6 hours later. Such is my life!

I have a tendency to lean to the right side, in bed, as the day goes on. Much of it due to my own effort to keep my body moving and upright. I’m not doing much of any kind of exercise other than the things that accomplish what I’m trying to do i.e. get my thoughts out of my head and onto the machine. It’s been a rough fight. My hands are starting to lock into the shapes I use to tap a surface or a keyboard. And yet, in the year that I’ve been here. No one seems to be able to figure out that this is my motivation. Thank you, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, but, so far, I have serious reason to question your advice. Virtually nothing you have told me has come about, and you have not told me anything in terms of the prognosis. What gives?

We’re not waiting for technology, it’s already here! We are paying billions for this equipment!

Oh, you say there aren’t enough doctors. Maybe, they can make a lot more money working for the private hospitals because the VA is constantly being squeezed budget wise by Conservatives who consider this an entitlement. Kind of tripping on your own balls there fellas!

That being said, the individuals I have worked with in Syracuse and Buffalo VA’s have been great to work with, if sometimes overtaxed. Syracuse is a very new facility and needs to work out some major issues. I was about to say, “The whole system should be scrapped and reworked”, but what do I know about hospitals and treating thousands of vets. But it sure becomes obvious if a hospital is well run or not. And so far, of the ones I’ve been in, I’m not impressed

On a lighter note… shit, there is no lighter note!