Good News or bad News?

So, I heard on NPR the other night about a Doctor who is trying to use all the medical and health data available and mapping it with such things as proximity to pesticide, use and abuse of various drugs, proximity to various chemical plants and industries. He’s already beginning to see some very interesting patterns. As when a pharmaceutical company changes the composition of one of its drugs. This may correlate to significantly more or fewer deaths in areas with its use. By cross-referencing with other drugs and/or remedies the results may prove significant. Wonder how long he’ll last?

Another interesting medical tidbit came up when a doctor started looking into “spontaneous remission”, many thousand examples of which go uninvestigated. So, if a patient has gotten off the chemo and radiation and uses herbal supplements and dietary changes and changes of lifestyle and the cancer goes away, the medical profession doesn’t bother to look at it! Well, finally a doctor has! She’s finding many characteristics which seem to be at the core of many of these remissions. Again, an analysis of patterns.

As we develop and use these new technologies, and ways of collating data, we are beginning to see patterns that many of us suspected have been true for a long time. The ones mentioned above are directly involved with the medical field but, I suspect we’re going to see more and more of these patterns emerging. What I’m trying to do is to give us a way to look at these patterns in a different light. A more intuitive way to see our Universe.

One thought on “Good News or bad News?

  1. Dear Don,
    I applaud your endeavourer. The planet is being polluted in many ways.

    My concern regards Monsanto’s genetically modified crops and its imperialistic imperative.

    Also, I am concerned about the Israeli Jews being as cruel as possible to the Arabian people they murder with impunity, because they would like to be rid of.
    Don’t watch this unless you really want to know.
    Israel’s persecution of Arabs:

    You be well our friend.
    Always yours, Reed & Maria Kinney

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