Higgs Boson


One possible way the Higgs boson might be prod...
One possible way the Higgs boson might be produced at the Large Hadron Collider.

With the discovery of the Higgs Boson we have some incredible new ground to cover. I find it ironic that I was a state of high anxiety surrounding the release of these findings.  My concern was that they may present some flaw in my own cosmology but, as so often happens Synergistically, not only did they confirm my own system but also confirmed most everything being proposed by modern physics.

But, now, realize the implications of this. Science looks at the internal structure of the most elemental subdivisions of what we will call “matter” and now, due to this incredible break-through in money and technology has shattered yet another particle to get to another smaller parti….”Nope, it’s turtles all the way down”. They should be able to tell us what they think may be going on with another $50 Billion and 20-30 years of study. Hmmm…now, there’s job security.

Don’t get me wrong, I think such research is at the very root of what we, as a civilization, must do to move us along our own evolutionary path but, maybe there’s a simpler way.

What if we can map the elements on the chart of the “Standard Model” of physics, with the various elements of Synergetics and use the extra dimensions and flexibility which a 4 dimensional space gives us. Let us all see what it looks like and how it all works. If the scientists can understand it, I bet some of us can too. We just have to strip away the mathematical fog of integrals and calculus and use some good old-fashioned numbers in a slightly different way. Maybe then we might be able to see something we all may have missed. Well, all but the most ancient of travellers and mystics and spiritual leaders who have been telling us all along, that it’s right there inside of us.

The real plus is that the models I have made, based on Fuller’s work, are already done. Don’t need any more runs of the LHC. If we can do it, if we can map these basic elements in a consistent, coherent and predictive manner, I am sure we can make this same fractal pattern work all the up through the macrocosm with the same fractal replication we are looking at right here.

Take a closer look.

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