On Wobbly Legs

I am back in my WordPress editor for the first time in several years. Except for a brief peek in to change some odds and ends. But now I’ve got to get serious!

The good news is I already have a significant amount of material here. It just needs to be organized. I want to make it navigable by anyone. There are different places to start depending on your interests or areas of specialty. We don’t know what will connect but I suspect we will recognize it even as we watch it develop. And yes, it is probably right there before our eyes.

I will be doing some more investigating and development on the site so check in periodically.

One thought on “On Wobbly Legs

  1. Dear Don,
    The problem is not whether matter produces consciousness; which I, too, think it does. The challenge is to realize the most expedient means for extracting our species from poverty, war and mayhem; for preventing our extinction. “Globalists” are totalitarians out to destroy our humanity. What I have been suggesting, which you know about, will happen.
    Sincerely yours, Reed Kinney

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