Creating A Life (The Journal of Joseph Knecht III)

A great divide surfaced at the end of the 20th century. The divide occurred between those who believed that humanity was very close to an “answer” and those who believed the century had brought more questions than answers. String theory was gathering momentum but couldn’t ward off the preponderance of evidence for the concept of Synergetics. The term had been used in various ways since brought into popularity by Richard Buckminster Fuller in the mid-20th century, but didn’t really settle into its current use until about 2035.

Let us be clear about that. Science at the time was digging deeper and deeper into the microcosm as well as farther and farther into the macrocosm. The pundits of the era truly believed they could find a “God particle.” A particle which would prove to be at the “bottom” of the microcosm, basis of everything. No one at the time appears to have known what this meant or its implications. They were mostly aware of the fact that science had never demonstrated a particle. In the usual scientific obfuscation they would point out that they didn’t “really” mean a particle, just a virtual particle. Now, it seems to me that every time science looked a little farther and deeper, it got more confusing and required another kludge to fix the problems. And then things changed.

In the year 1972 the engineer, topographer and ultimate founder of the “Synergists,” Richard Buckminster Fuller, presented humanity with what would prove to be, among other things, the ultimate resolution to conflict. A system designed by its very nature to inhibit conflict. Much the way various elements within the body ward off biological attackers; ofttimes by surrounding the offenders to either, smother or expel them. Once again confirming the hypothesis that nature is already giving us all the answers we need, we just have to look at them the right way. But, it wasn’t until well after the crash of 2016 that the concepts espoused by Fuller, and a small following he had developed from the start, took foothold in enough places around the globe.

It appears that when Fuller’s magnum opus, Synergetics, was published in 1972 many people bought it and may have actually read it but, it was very confusing. There was no index to speak of and, if it was read the way one would usually read a book, one seemed to get constantly lost and it appeared quite redundant. When Synergetics Volume 2 came out, most readers had already given up.

The simple fact is that Fuller presented his material in a very different format than most readers were accustomed to. It comprised threads or scenarios which ran through both volumes. These had been referred to in the initial volume but all seem to taper off before reaching any kind of resolution. One must also remember that Fuller’s idea was to start with a grasp of the overall framework, the macrocosm, and then work toward the microcosm. Most scientists of the day were starting from the microcosm, specialization, and trying to divine the bigger picture. It was not an easy transition. Humanity was so entrenched in the idea of a three-dimensional coordinate space that it was difficult to see any alternative.

At its very basis Synergetics asked us to visualize the world as a 60°, four dimensional space based on the closest packing of spheres. This is the system that nature uses. A beautifully logical and intuitive system with no irrational numbers, no integrals or differential equations required for basic understanding; and far more intuitive. Nothing changed but the point of view, a fact that would have stunning implications.

Of the few people who truly understood Synergetics, one rose quickly to the top, to achieve the highest title; the purported reincarnation of Joseph Knecht, the protagonist of Hesse’s novel; Magister Ludi, The Glass Bead Game. Knecht III had much in common with the hero Neo in a popular film of the time; The Matrix. Neo and Knecht had the ability to visualize a reality that few could see. Following is an extract from Knecht’s biography, believed to have been written by one Richard Ball, a friend and confidant of Knecht III.

It is known that Knecht, a huge fan of Hesse, used the Glass Bead Game as a prototype and basis for applying the principles that Fuller was laying down. A fact which becomes more obvious the deeper one gets into Synergetics. Most contemporary historians agree that the Line of Ascension runs from Hesse to Fuller through several apostles; men and women who are able to Grasp

The Life of Joseph Knecht The Third

“Precious few seem to have been able to grasp what Fuller was saying at the time (1972) let alone be able to show it to others. Joseph Knecht III a.k.a. The Model Maker was one of those few.

“His real name has been lost to antiquity, but if, as espoused by many historians, Knecht was of the Baha’i faith, it is quite possible that those records connecting Knecht to his “former” life, were destroyed as one of the tenets of the faith, a faith which would perhaps be unknown today had it not been for Knecht.

“Not much is known of Knecht’s early life, though there have been several novels which claim to be based on various forms of “insider” information. Psychic Channeling, government connections, access to “secret” Baha’i practices have all been used to make numerous claims; both positive and negative. Each new claim is either; neutralized, warded off or incorporated; before it has a chance to do any significant damage.

“Knecht created models of many of these ‘inter-transformationings,’ as he preferred to call them, which gave a much more intuitive, and comprehensive view of all phases of science; physics, chemistry, biology, as well as opening the door to an in-depth spiritual investigation and ultimate connection; something the world was hungry for.

“Ironically, or perhaps obviously, the spiritual connection appears to have come through the psychic, Jane Roberts, and the manifestation of Seth, the spirit being she channeled. Now this caused some problems with many of the scientists and thinkers of the time. They had trouble accepting the teachings of an entity from another dimension. Knecht, having read Seth Speaks many times, realized that it stood up to the rigors of the scientific method. In fact, it was far more consistent and had far fewer contradictions and non sequiturs then many of the scientific, peer-reviewed papers of the time. It also provided answers for many difficult questions of the time.”

From Knecht’s Journal:

“Initially, I would ask you to put aside assumptions and judgments and accept what I am about to present as a possibility, no more no less, and hold it up to the highest standards of the scientific method.

“In Seth Speaks such concepts as: soul, afterlife, good and evil are all dealt with in an intuitive, comprehensive and consistent fashion. Additionally, the work stands up to our stated application of the Scientific Method. Compared to documents such as the Bible, Koran or Talmud, which are riddled with contradictions and non sequiturs and, also come to us from an incomprehensible God through prophets and apostles; I would say that I find it much easier to navigate.”

It appears they made the right choices.

[more detail on Synergetics]

Prior to this time humanity labored under the misconception that it was just not smart enough to understand how the Universe worked. As we now know, the real problem was that Global Corporatism cloaked in “free market” capitalism, through many pseudo-ethical and amoral manipulations, was obscuring the very orderly and obvious concepts shown us in nature. These concepts, once understood, and disseminated globally, put a virtual end to large-scale conflict. Indeed, the larger any conflict got, the easier it was for the DESO to control. Or rather, it was more difficult for the conflict to expand. The end result was that conflict never got out of hand, never metastasized if you will. This was, arguably, the largest contributing factor to our current status of self-sustaining balance; albeit with a fraction of the population. .

Knecht wrote:

“I can’t speak for others. But I can speak for myself. I was almost 70 before anyone heard a word of what I was saying. Probably because I really wasn’t saying much. I was too busy gathering input and putting pieces together. I was blessed/cursed with the ability to hold conflicting opinions, opinions which had to be pieced together into a synergetic whole (holon) which enveloped all of the diverse concepts we were discovering at that crucial point; the Higgs field, the Higgs boson, time and space anomalies; the shifting tecto-economic plates underlying the great crash of 2016. Many of us saw this coming but, many careers were destroyed rather than let the secret out. The reach of the corporate octopus seemed inescapable!”

It was about this time, 2015, that Knecht began investigating the Baha’i faith. Never one to proselytize, Knecht kept this one aspect of his cosmology relatively quiet, though if questioned had no problem explaining the details.

The crash of 2016 was the “Pearl Harbor” that set off the alarm bells for the majority of Americans! If people weren’t concerned enough about the collapse of the middle class; “The Crash” brought it into clear focus. Combined with water shortages due to a persistent drought, leading to food shortages, and climactic changes displacing entire species of fish and mammals, plant migration, genetically modified products and, who knows what beyond our vision; we had a perfect storm! A storm which left the vast majority of Western civilization decimated! Infrastructure was collapsing as was the banking system; all because the people who could actually do something about it had their own, and corporate, interests as a first priority.

Looming halfway around the globe, Ebola was just beginning to wake up. A prominent immunologist of the time said that Ebola would never be a threat to (the US) because our medical infrastructure was well able to contain it. Unfortunately, as the economy began to splinter that medical infrastructure was cracking with it. Funding was being deliberately cut from studies that were perceived as not being profitable enough. Why spend $1 billion in research for a drug only used in a very poor country when you may only get half of that back? This was very similar to the attitude prevailing with the initial onslaught of the HIV crisis. Of course, what we weren’t looking at was the fact that when the Ebola did reach US shores, we were ill-prepared for the consequences. Again, the middle and poorer classes took a far more devastating blow, adding more evidence that it was deliberate. A fact which is argued to this day.

We know that with the repeal of what was known as “Obamacare,” millions of people in the US could not afford insurance. This at the hands of an industry that was the epitome of corporate greed! This lead to many more unreported cases of Ebola amongst the homeless; an error greatly exacerbated by insurance companies declaring Ebola a “pre-existing condition” and deliberately writing policies that excluded Ebola, ofttimes unbeknownst to the buyer.

[Insert details on Ebola epidemic]

It seems so clear to us now, how self-regulating our own system truly is. We often take it for granted and must remember that around the turn of the century the world was literally spinning off its axis. It was shown that the Three Gorges Dam in China, when filled, actually altered the spin of the planet. Irrespective of the cause, climate change needed to be addressed with a much greater sense of urgency than the politicians before the crash ever realized. The system was really broken; but it’s destruction came about, not from any outside agitation, but from the failure of the structure itself and refusal of those in control to apply the necessary maintenance. All this in return for short-term economic/political gains.

[Insert details on economic crash]

That’s what Knecht and a few questioning souls set out to examine immediately prior to the crash. They saw it coming and weren’t really sure what they could do, but it looked like the United States was not the place to be. They took a lucky guess based on some obvious facts and common sense (both of which proved quite unreliable at the time) and chose Costa Rica as their ideal location. Good weather patterns and diversity, stable political system, lack of a standing military, tropical location, excellent natural water supply and a very family oriented society all contributed. With an established base of several thousand American and Canadian ex-pats, all of whom interested in “getting off the grid,” and well integrated with the local Tico community, they had a fertile ground to try their newly evolving Decentralized Economic Social Organization (DESO) as advocated by Reed Kinney and a cashless society outlined by Thomas Greco.

Their initial effort was to develop the Community Center itself, a perfect application of the property which had been discovered just three years prior. Due to Knecht’s health at the time Knecht had to invest several thousand dollars into making at least some areas, wheelchair accessible. In the years since then we have made the entire property handicapped accessible in some very interesting ways. Initially they had six two-bedroom units, four cabinas and the large conference area overlooking the pool. The initial ideas they had for businesses included; “infinity mirrors,” medical furniture rentals, distributing and repairing all-terrain wheelchairs and 3-D printing with its multitudinous applications.

Now that the community center has evolved into the International Center for Synergetic Development and we have upwards of 20 people living and teaching here, we can see that their choices have paid off nicely. There are a dozen or so of these decentralized communities throughout Costa Rica and uncountable others throughout the world… Well, what there is left of it.

Now, when they first started developing these concepts, Costa Rica was having a very difficult time economically. Global tourism had just taken a major setback and it left a great economic and political vacuum which was hugely conducive to the concepts they were espousing; a cashless society with complete transparency, able to organize and facilitate fair trade among all members of the community. Unfortunately, several other competing forms of organization were vying for dominance.

[Describe initial community set up]

One of our goals was to make these communities self organizing, and we felt we could best accomplish this by first showing a good example and recommending certain basic starting points. We suspected but, didn’t fully realize it at the time, that each of the nodes within the community network could become a new self organizing community once it got past a certain size. Once again demonstrating the efficacy of using Synergetics based mathematics to describe whole systems. Also, a brilliant example of ontogeny recapitulating phylologeny.


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