Tetrahedron to VE Model

This model represents another of the important concepts underlying Synergetics; the relationship of the various members of the Cosmic Hierarchy.


Here we are showing the relationship between the tetrahedron and the vector equilibrium. As the faces of the tetrahedron collapse (we’ll discuss why in a bit), the stable tetrahedron transforms into the VE. This process occurs continuously in a positive and negative fluctuation which generates all sorts of frequency and wave conditions as we will see. For now we are just investigating the basics.

Keep in mind that the tetrahedron represents the minimum structure in Universe. 4 vertices, 6 edges and 4 faces, an inside and an outside. We will also show in later posts how the tetrahedron is an excellent model for the photon which has been particularly enigmatic in the hands of traditional physicists. It acts like a wave or a particle, very predictably, depending on how you look at it. We can demonstrate why it can act as both and also, in the process give a workable model of quantum mechanics which any 12 yr old high school student with an interest in science may easily grasp.

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